Tailor the IP Portfolio

Creating valuable property rights and using them specifically for
corporate success can only be successful on the basis of a coordinated
cooperation between product management, R&D and IP management.
In implementation this means:

Improvement of the Information Flow Into the IP Department

The responsibility for a powerful IP portfolio lies with the IP department. Yet, against the backdrop of increasingly complex products, this can no longer be guaranteed by the traditional cooperation with the technology experts alone. The additional involvement of the product management and their knowledge about customer needs is the solution. With its methodology and software tool, mind_IP provides the possibility of systematically recording, channeling and evaluating this information.


Control of Quality and Quantity of the Invention Disclosures

The invention disclosure is the handover point into the IP department. However, one is often confronted with too many or too few invention disclosures and / or with poor quality. mind_IP enables the targeted stimulation of valuable invention disclosures. Due to its quality-oriented methodology, objective indicators are used for the prioritization of claims.


Uniform Objective Valuation Method

Both, in the creation and in the further life cycle of the property rights, decisions have to be made - space for many opinions and different points of view. mind_IP provides a uniform, business-oriented assessment basis and enables objective decisions at any time in the life cycle of property rights.


But this also requires:


Communication of the Value Contribution From IP

„Do good and talk about it“ - with regard to IP until now this has not been an easy task. Presenting and communicating the contributed value in a comprehensible manner is very time-consuming and often remains too abstract. With mind_IP this belongs to the past. Due to the product-oriented approach and the continuous integration of business data, ad-hoc evaluations for management, product management and the technical departments are available at the push of a button.

Increasing the Signifcance of IP in the Company

60 - 80% of the product value is already immaterial today - with upward tendency. Raising awareness in the organization for this is essential, but it is a major challenge as everyone's workload increases. This change in consciousness can therefore only take place gradually. The mind_IP method provides the guidelines for implementing this change process sustainably.

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