Optimize Product Return

To have the right products before the customer can define his needs and thus
to differentiate oneself from the competition in the market in the long term,
is the ideal condition of a technology company. To implement this in times of
increasing complexity, the following aspects are necessary:


Holistic View on Customer Benefit

In times of digitalisation and Industry 4.0, the question of the "right" product is once again becoming central. The "right" products deliver optimum customer benefit, are implemented using cost-efficient technologies and sell with maximum returns. mind_IP expands your existing cost-oriented control system to include the customer and competitive perspective and thus enables a fast, creative reaction to market changes.

Systematic Prevention of Imitation

The better your products satisfy customer needs, the more distinct is the interest of the competition to imitate them - this reduces your return on investment. mind_IP enables you to proactively design the protection already in the early phase of development projects and to bring about the unique position of our own products in a targeted manner.

Transparent, Market-oriented Decision-making Criteria

In order to be able to react quickly to market changes, the usual KPI's are no longer sufficient, as changes over the product life cycle are not mapped. mind_IP's KPI system provides you with a differentiated view over time and thus enables you to make precise decisions at any time (from the product idea to phase-out).


A Clear Structure That Encourages Creativity

Today, valuable products are only created through close cooperation between product management, development and IP department. To create the basis for this and to use and stimulate the creativity available in the organisation, a unifying view is necessary. The mind_IP methodology focuses on the customer benefit as a connecting element and thus enables the coordinated cooperation of the departments.  

But this also requires:

Cost Control

A long-term corporate strategy is difficult to formulate in times of changing markets - corporate management on a short-term basis is increasingly becoming the norm. But this can be expensive. With its market-related KPI system, mind_IP provides you with full transparency about the value contribution of your products - at any point in their life cycle. This enables you to make precise investment, expansion and phase-out decisions and optimise your product return.

Early Detection of Bad Investments

The insufficient possibility to protect developments leads to a reduction of the product return. mind_IP enables you to identify these risks already in the idea phase. This allows you to take timely action or stop projects at an early stage if the achievement of the return on innovation is questionable.

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