Focus R&D

Absolute transparency about customer needs, a bulging innovation pipeline
and clear objective decision-making criteria for the prioritisation of projects
is the ideal state of an R&D department. To implement this in times of
increasing complexity, the following aspects are necessary:

Systematic Acquisition of the Customer Benefit

Purchase decisive solutions are becoming more and more complex and increasingly integrate non-technical aspects. Maintaining an overview, recognizing synergy effects and consistently implementing these in products is a challenge. The systematic acquisition and evaluation of customer benefits provides structure and enables a reduction in complexity. The mind_IP methodology follows this system without restricting your creativity.

Consideration of Protection Already at the Product Idea

The usual approach to arrange the protection at the end of a project can make the project more expensive, last longer or become impossible. If, on the other hand, protection is already taken into account in the idea phase, this can be avoided and at the same time enables the future product to have a unique position. mind_IP provides you with the methodology and the possibility to create different scenarios already with the idea in order to identify the best protection at an early stage.

But this also requires:


Comprehensible Objectifying Methodology

Time is a scarce commodity. For this reason, an evaluation methodology must be comprehensible and make it possible to identify valuable projects quickly and easily. mind_IP procures the required information from the specialist areas of product management, R&D and IP management with only 2 questions each to the experts. In this way you obtain an objective evaluation and a common understanding with minimal effort.

Standardization of Information Exchange

Comprehensible measurement criteria, clearly defined interfaces and automatically generated suggested measures are conditions for an effort-minimized exchange of information between the afflicted departments. With mind_IP you reduce the communication effort for optimal product design and validation to a minimum and thus gain more time for your actual development work.

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