mind_IP is the first method worldwide that makes it possible to create market exclusivity systematically. Due to their business orientation, decisions are made early, structured and objectively - over the entire product life cycle.



Based on the mind_IP Methodology we support you to manage the complexity of the needed data.
The effort for you is limited to a few questions, needed data from adjacent systems are automatically transferred.


Create Market Exclusivity

The right industrial property rights enable the ideal condition of every innovative company - the unique position of its own products on the market.

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Prioritize Invention Disclosures

The right invention disclosures create market exclusivity. The challenge is
to do this so efficiently that you have freedom for your development work.

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Tailor IP-Portfolio

Creating valuable property rights and using them specifically for corporate success can only be successful on the basis of a coordinated cooperation between product management, R&D and IP management.

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